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The Lost Boys (Crest Security Review)

Psychology and Terrorism: Introduction to the Special Issue (American Psychologist)

From Cubs to Lions: A Six Stage Model of Child Socialization into the Islamic State (Studies in Conflict and Terrorism)

A Call to Arms: The Need for More Psychological Research on Terrorism (Social Psychological Review)

The Rational Foraging Terrorist: Analyzing the Distances Traveled to Commit Terrorist Violence (Terrorism and Political Violence)

Risk Factors and Lone Actor Violent Events: The Problems of Low Base Rates and Long Observational Periods (Journal of Threat Assessment and Management)

Terrorist Use of the Internet by the Numbers: Quantifying Behaviors, Patterns and Processes (Criminology and Public Policy) 

Actions Speak Louder Than Words: A Behavioral Analysis of 183 Individuals Convicted for Terrorist Offenses in the United States from 1995 to 2012 (Journal of Forensic Sciences)

Shooting Alone: The Pre-Attack Experiences and Behaviors of US Solo Mass Murderers (Journal of Forensic Sciences)

Towards a Guide for Constructing and Disseminating Counternarratives to Reduce Support for Terrorism (Studies in Conflict and Terrorism)

The Critical Role of Friends in Networks for Countering Violent Extremism: Towards a Theory of Vicarious Help-Seeking (Behavioral Sciences of Terrorism and Political Aggression)

Trauma and Openness to Legal and Illegal Political Activism among Somali Refugees (Terrorism and Political Violence)

Building Resilience to Violent Extremism: One Community's Perspective (FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin)

Simple Mathematical Law Benchmarks Human Confrontations (Nature Scientific Reports)


Disengagement and De-Radicalization

Walking Away: The Disengagement and De-Radicalization of a Violent Right-Wing Extremist (Behavioral Sciences of Terrorism and Political Aggression)

Turning Away from Terrorism: Lessons from Psychology, Criminology and Sociology (Journal of Peace Research)

Fully Operational? The Ongoing Challenges of Terrorist Risk Reduction Programs

Disengagement, De-Radicalization and the Arc of Terrorism: Future Directions for Research

Individual Disengagement: A Psychological Analysis

The Future of Terrorist De-Radicalization Programs

Rehabilitating the Terrorists? Challenges in Assessing the Effectiveness of De-Radicalization Programs

Opening up the Jihadi debate: Yemen's Committee for Dialogue

Leaving Terrorism Behind: An Individual Perspective


Terrorist Behavior

Interviewing the Terrorists (Behavioral Sciences of Terrorism and Political Aggression)

Women's connectivity in extreme networks (Science Advances)

Bombing Alone: Tracing the Motivations and Antecedents of Lone-Actor Terrorists (Journal of Forensic Sciences)

Malevolent Creativity in Terrorist Organizations

A Systems-Level Understanding of Adversarial Behavior

The End of Radicalization? A Discussion

Organizational Adaptation in an Activist Network: Social Networks, Leadership and Change in al Muhajiroun

Triangulation in the Study of Terrorist Networks

In Their Own Words? Methodological Consideration in the Analysis of Terrorist Autobiographies

Community and Family Approaches to Combating the Radicalization of US Somali Refugee Youth and Young Adults: A Psychosocial Perspective

From Profiles to Pathways and from Roots to Routes

Risk Assessment and the Terrorist

A Psychology of Terrorism?

Improvised Explosive Device: The Problem of Definition

A Conceptual Framework for Addressing Psychological Process in the Development of the Terrorist

The Psychological and Behavioral Bases of Islamic Fundamentalism

The Search for the Terrorist Personality

The Social and Psychological Characteristics of Terrorism and Terrorists


Irish Terrorism

Killing Range: Explaining Lethality Variance Within a Terrorist Organization (Journal of Conflict Resolution)

Lethal Connections: The Determinants of Network Connections in the Provisional IRA (International Interactions)

Counterterrorism Killings and Provisional IRA Bombings, 1970-1998 (Terrorism and Political Violence)

Reloading the Armalite? Victims and Targets of Violent Dissident Irish Republicanism, 2007-2015 (Terrorism and Political Violence)

Who Were the Volunteers? The Shifting Sociological & Operational Profile of 1240 Provisional IRA Members

Here to Stay? The Rising Threat of Violent Dissident Republicanism in Northern Ireland

Who Becomes a Dissident? Patterns in the Mobilization and Recruitment of Violent Dissident Republicans in Northern Ireland

Tiocfaidh ar Mna: Women in the Provisional IRA

Missing their Mark: The IRA's Proxy Bomb Campaign

Financing the Provisional IRA - Part 1

Financing the Provisional IRA - Part 2

The Provisional IRA: Command and Functional Structure

Proceedings of the IRA General Army Convention December 1969


Odds & Ends

No, Terrorism Research Has Not Stagnated (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Twenty Years Since the Bishopsgate Bombing (OUPblog)

Towards a Psychology of Surveillance

A Marriage Made in Hell? Terrorism and Organized Crime

A Case Against 'Critical Terrorism Studies'

Offender Profiling: A Critical Perspective

Future Developments in Terrorism

Issues in Terrorism Research