Published by Oxford University Press, 2013.

Published by Oxford University Press, 2013.

Reviews of Divided We Stand: The Strategy and Psychology of Ireland's Dissident Terrorists (Oxford University Press, 2013)

"Divided We Stand is to date the most authoritative account of those who commit or seek to justify that violence, and the most persuasive analysis of how to deal with the threat. Scholars of Irish politics, and terrorism studies more generally, will find it an indispensable resource."  Dr Shaun McDaid , Irish Studies Review (complete review here).


"Drawing on one of the largest open-source militant databases ever excellent choice for anyone interested in the study of political violence, particularly those concerned with the conflict in Northern Ireland, and with paramilitary organizations." Meg O'Branski, London School of Economics EUROP Blog (complete review here).


"Dr John Horgan’s rigorous and scholarly study of violent dissident Republicans (VDR)... is the analysis of a highly trained and internationally experienced psychologist. It deals primarily in established facts rather than political or moral argument...In a world where access to ever increasing amounts of data is matched by a correspondingly diminishing attention span...Horgan’s thorough and excellent book is a detailed account of a threat that has not gone away and which we cannot ignore." Gerard Howlin, Irish Examiner (complete review here).


"Reading Horgan s book one wonders whether the prospect of achieving [their] goals is really what is driving VDRs or whether it is something else entirely. In line with his earlier, brilliant research on the psychology of engagement and disengagement from terrorism, Horgan reveals that Irish republicans are converts more to...fantasy and illusion. Divided We Stand is a fine piece of scholarship. It includes new data and analysis that will keep even the most jaded student of Irish politics engaged...[It] represents one of the most advanced and readable analyses we have on the ideas and actions of dissident republicans." Aaron Edwards, The Review of Politics (complete review here).